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Specialized Syrian Transportation Co, (STC)

Company introduction

Specialized Syrian Transportation Co, (STC), had been recognized since 1992 and further registered being a conspicuous leader applying state-of-the-art tools to perform exceptional projects of heavy lifts, conventional and non – conventional transportation.

STC is powered and strengthened by dint of a long-established specialized team, trained-oriented who are capable to carry out complex project, perform extreme road mapping no matter where, when and how remote your site might be.Thanks to their perseverance  in the application of the latest modular equipment and the provision of vast turkey solutions, the company had been graced to enjoy a remarkable domestic reputation and was consequently outstripping to enter into partnerships with gigantic and multinational forwarding  companies catering them with comprehensive and logistical services such as, Heavy lift loading/ unloading performance and solutions for comprehensive Heavy lift loading/ unloading solutions, customs clearance, warehousing and redistribution to final destinations.

STC is nonetheless your sole business provider using special techniques which aims to create “Competitive Advantage “through the enhancement of a system network which largely helps to avoid high margins for clients.

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STC has taken a unilateral move towards being one of the largest companies to perform heavy lifts, irregular lifts whether in Oil & Gas industry, Construction and most importantly Power Stations

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We have a huge clients base with various big projects that have been done by our company

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Transport Equipment

Heavy lift Hydraulic Trailers

Heavy Duty Prime Movers

Low Bed Trailers

Conventional General Cargo Trailers

Unloading Equipment
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ISO (9001 : 2008)

ISO (14001 )

ISO ( 18001 OHSAS ) .

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