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Specialized Syrian Transportation Co, (STC)

Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Providing high quality services complying with the specifications and requirements determined by the signed contracts with the clients.
• The commitment to fulfill the legal and regulatory requirements and conformity with legislations and decisions concerning environment and health & occupational safety related to our activities, services at least; & other requirements (MSDS, contracting & international agreements & ESCWA requirments).
• The commitment to the continual development of the effectiveness of management systems of the company and the continual development of the environmental performance and occupational health & safety performance.
• The commitment to reduce air and/or any other pollution it may effictive by our activities.
• The commitment of prevention of environmental pollution.
• The commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance.
• Determining and defining environmental aspects and impacts of our company's activities, services and the continual work to eliminate, reduce or control it.
• Reducing or, if possible, recycling waste where it is practicable.
• We are looking forward to reduce the consumption of natural resources to the minimum level and to lessen the uses of dangerous materials through trying to find alternatives.
• Prioritizing the implementation of the conditions of occupational health & safety when making any decisions related to the work.
• Providing all what is required to ensure the safety and protection for all staff, employees, persons, subcontractors, visitors and any person at the workplace.
• Involving our workers in improving work prosedure and conditions which are based on the company's concept of the continual improvement and development.
• The attempt to satisfy all the dealers with our company: clients, subcontractors, workers and other interested parties.
• Carrying out periodical internal audits and reviews of our quality, environment, and occupational safety & health management systems.
• Providing the public with the information regarding the environment and occupational safety & health.
• Providing the proper training and awareness for all staff and assigning their responsibilities in terms of quality, environment and occupational health & safety.
• Committed to work sincerely to become pioneer in the field of our services and to promote in attitude to reach our clients satisfaction.
To achieve the above objectives, we will adhere to do the following:
- Implementing and maintaining the processes of quality, environment and occupational safety & health management system according to the requirements of the International Standards
(ISO 9001;2015 & ISO 14001;2015) and the British Standard (ISO 45001; 2018); in establishing and reviewing objectives and targets.
- Considering the opinions of our clients and giving each suggestion full interest.
- Improving the skills of the company staff and training them to carry out the procedure of quality, environment and occupational safety & health and safety.
Health, Environment and Quality Management Manual (HSQMM) and its supporting procedures provides the system a full explanation.
Therefore, all staff are responsible for:
- Full understanding of all the procedure related to their jobs.
- The fullcommitment in carrying out all the requirements specified in HSQMM procedures.


STC has taken a unilateral move towards being one of the largest companies to perform heavy lifts, irregular lifts whether in Oil & Gas industry, Construction and most importantly Power Stations

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We have a very huge clients base with various big projects have been done by our company

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Transport Equipment

Heavy lift Hydraulic Trailers

Heavy Duty Prime Movers

Low Bed Trailers

Conventional General Cargo Trailers

Unloading Equipment
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ISO (9001 : 2008)

ISO (14001 )

ISO ( 18001 OHSAS ) .

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